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The as-yet-unnamed daughter of George Cooper, 1st Baron of Pirate's Swoop, and Sir Alanna of Olau, Baroness of Pirate's Swoop, was born in 467 HE[1] when Alanna was in her late forties. There is a twenty-two year difference in ages between this child and the twins, Alianne and Alan, and a twenty-four year difference between the child and Thom of Pirate's Swoop.

The conception of the child was a surprise, and Alanna and George likely thought it was an impossibility for her at that point, which is why they neglected to check Alanna's pregnancy charm for damage after a mage-fight in April 466. The pregnancy prompted Alanna to leave her post in Frasrlund, retire from being the King's Champion, and return to Pirate's Swoop to await the birth.[1] As the child's older siblings had high-ranking godsparents such as Queen Thayet and King Jonathan IV, it is likely that this child will also have high-ranking godsparents.

Notes and references

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