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Darkness was Jonathan of Conté's horse, who was purchased from George Cooper at the same time as Moonlight, Alanna of Trebond's horse, in the fall of 431 HE when they were pages.

Darkness was bred by the Bazhir. George bought him along with Moonlight from a "filthy old Bazhir" and they were the only good horses the Bazhir had for sale. When Jonathan accompanied Alanna to buy her horse and gave George secretly a valuable ring to pay for the difference George hadn't charged Alanna with, the then Rogue told Jonathan that the ring would also pay for a black stallion he had.[1]

Darkness became the prince's main horse. Jonathan rode Darkness on the trip during his squirehood to the Great Southern Desert and Persopolis, which got him the name "Night One" among the Bazhir who freed them of the Nameless Ones along with the "Burning-Brigthly One", Alanna[2]. Jonathan still rode Darkness in his early days as king, during the Great Market Riot in 439 HE[3].

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