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The Dancing Dove was an inn located in Corus and the meeting place for the Court of the Rogue since the mid-third century HE. It was built by Rosto the Piper, the successor of the Rogue after Kayfer Deerborn.

Use and layout

3rd century HE

Rosto the Piper, who was Rogue from 246 HE onwards, remade a lodging house into an inn because he did not like the old Court of the Rogue, which was an old fancy building.  He said that the old Court building made the Rogue and his people think they were above the common folk, who they were supposed to look after. The inn opened for business at some point in September of 247 HE, and soon after, Rosto had also moved in there[1]. He and his group of friends, who regularly ate breakfast together in Mistress Trout's lodgings, continued their breakfasts in a dining room on the second floor of the inn.[2] The street was then named Nipcopper Close and it was situated in the Lower City of Corus. It is unknown if the district or street name have changed since then.

5th century HE

Two hundred years later the current Rogue, George Cooper, still used the Dancing Dove as his court. The building had several exits and the innkeeper in George's time was named Solom; he was murdered in 439 HE.

George occupied two upstairs rooms decorated with plain wood furniture, although he had valuables like a silver candlestick and gold-framed mirror. Said mirror hung on his bedroom door. George's rooms were kept neat and clean.[3]


Rosto named the inn after his mother, a beautiful Player who was called the "Dancing Dove".[4]

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