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Sir Dain of Melor was a Tusaine knight who Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau defeated as a squire.

While Alanna was squire to Prince Jonathan, the Tusaine delegation came to Tortall to discuss matters of diplomacy. When Sir Dain insulted the swordsmanship and general soldiering of Tortallan knights, Prince Jon smoothly made it so Sir Dain would have to fight Squire Alan, the best swordsman in the year. Sir Dain accepted the challenge. Mikal of Danne mentioned that Sir Dain was very good, and that the fight would probably end in his favor. Dain, however, was a very cocky man and fighter, something that Alanna took advantage of. After Sir Dain committed a foul against her—something Alanna despised—she dropped all pretenses and defeated the knight easily. She scolded him for being so stupid, and then left him there in a heap.

Later, Myles of Olau asked Alanna why she didn't kill him, as even his ambassador would have understood.

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