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Crown was a sparrow who lived at the royal palace in Corus, Tortall. She became fond of Keladry of Mindelan when the girl was still in her probationary period as a page. Because of the presence of Daine the Wildmage, Crown was incredibly intelligent, almost like a human. She and her flock followed Kel around, and was able to lead Third Company of the King's Own to a spidren nest. She was named Crown by Kel, for her imperious ways, as well as the white spot on her head.

Crown and a lot of her flock accompanied Kel on many of her outdoor adventures, including the time when Kel and her group were chased by bandits during the summer camp. Kel sent Crown and her sparrows for help. The flock were also useful in fight situations, as their beaks and claws were sharp and able to pierce through flesh.

She and her mate died in 457 HE in Persopolis. She was about eight years old, according to Daine.

Crown's flock

The entire flock consisted of nearly fifty sparrows. These are the ones we know the names of.

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