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"The Court of the Rogue is all of us who make our livin' by our wits."
George to Alanna[src]

The Court of the Rogue is a term used to refer to the community of thieves and small-time criminals, especially in Tortall, who are ruled by the Rogue, or King of Thieves.


The Court of the Rogue is headed by a king (or a queen) who must look after the people who are part of the Court. In the 3rd century HE, different cities had different Courts; the Corus Court was not connected to the Port Caynn Court. By the 5th century, this seems to have changed, as George Cooper was considered the King of Thieves in the entirety of the Eastern Lands. His control extended all the way to Maren.

By the 5th century, the Court also seemed to have done away with the egalitarian structure of old. Women were part of the Court, but they had their own separate sect. A woman usually ruled over them, and was referred to as the Queen of the Ladies of the Rogue. In the early 5th century, this position belonged to Rispah Cooper.

In the 3rd century, the Rogue also had a more relaxed and diplomatic relationship with the Lord Provost and the Provost's Guard in general. Bribes were given to members of the Provost's Guard for them to overlook minor crimes. In the 5th century, the Lord Provost of the time wanted nothing more than to catch the King of Thieves and perhaps see him jailed. There was really no amnesty policy toward the Court at that time, and it operated in secret.

Meeting Place

Until 247 HE, the Court of the Rogue meets in a big black stone house. It was once a noble's house, later it belonged to merchants, was a courthouse and kennel. The last inhabitants before the Rogue took it for his court were dozens of poor families.[1] The last Rogue who reigned in this place was Kayfer Deerborn. When Deerborn makes an official complaint on behalf of Crookshank's invasion of his court he gives it the title of craftsmen's meeting hall.[2]

When Rosto the Piper became the Rogue in May of 246 HE, he decided to make an inn out of the house just over the street of his own lodgings and relocate the Court of the Rogue there. The inn was finished in 247 HE and named after Rosto's mother, the Dancing Dove.[3] By Alanna's time the Dancing Dove is still the headquarter of the Court of the Rogue.


Corus during the 3rd century

Port Caynn during the 3rd century

Tortall during the 5th century


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