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In autumn of 247 HE, a huge amount of counterfeiting took place in Tortall. It originated from Port Caynn, the coins being issued by the Rogue Pearl Skinner, but also spread to other parts of the country, especially its capital Corus and poluted the moneystream.

By mid-September two out of three silver coins were false.[1] The Goldsmith's and Silversmith's Bank both knew of the problem but didn't inform the autorities. Silversmiths like the Finers, too, were affected by the false coins. Although they transmitted their information to the Provost's Guard and the Silversmith's Guild, nothing was done about it, because the local Deputy Provost, Lionel of Trebond, was too afraid of Pearl Skinner.

In the week of September 17, 247 HE the price for silver doubled, where he normally not rose more than a noble a year, and the price for gold rose by six silver nobles, because people were realizing that the silver in the moneystream was polluted and thus tried to get their hands on gold. In addition to that people began stockpiling food and other stores and some, like the Finers, even left the cities.[2]

But because the amount of false silver also increased in Corus, the authorities eventually realized that something was wrong and sent Rebakah Cooper and Clara Goodwin to Port Caynn in order to investigate the coins' origins. It was about time for this step because all efforts to keep the situation quiet had failed by then as rumors spread both in Corus and in Port Caynn and the false coins in combination with a bad crop that year had already lead to rising prices, causing an inflation[3].

The situation was eventually resolved when Sir Gershom arrived with Dogs from Corus. After hearing Beka's report on the matter he had writs issued to arrest both the Rogue and Sir Lionel and to prevent any ships from leaving the harbor unless they had special passes[4]. The local Court of the Rogue was raided by Dogs and the situation in Port Caynn was under the control of the law again. Although Pearl was arrested and evidence of her doings made known many people in Port Caynn refused to believe that their Rogue was behind the counterfeiting. Instead they insisted that Beka and Goodwin had "hung the evidence on her." As a result of the events the Sulversmith' Guild and the Goldsmith's Guild both got new officials.[5]

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