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Corus, the capital city of Tortall, ranges on the northern and southern banks of the Oloron River. It is made of different districts and is home to the domain of the Rogues, the crooked population of Tortall. The Royal Palace is situated on an hill south of the Olorun. The new royal university may also be found in Corus.

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Corus has several different districts, as revealed in detail throughout Terrier. The Provost's Guard is organised in correspondence to the districts and each district has its own guard station, except Temple and Palace Districts, which have their own guards. The districts of the Court of the Rogue are mostly the same with the exception that the Rogue also has an additional district, Waterfront District. The names of the districts are as follows:

It is not known whether the names or borders of these districts changed over the two hundred year gap between Terrier and Song of the Lioness.

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