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Corey is a character in Huntress, a short story set in contemporary New York City.

She went to school at Christopher Academy, where she received a full scholarship for track. She came to know several kids on her track team, including gorgeous Felix, who referred to the other female members of the team as "his lionesses".

Felix invited Corey to an initiation in Central Park, where he ordered the rest of his "Pride" to kill a homeless man—the group had killed his friend before. Corey, shocked, tried to get them to stop but was not able to, as Felix thought of anyone not wealthy as scum, and said so. Felix explained that the Pride was going to hunt Corey, as they would rather her to be prey than to tattle on them for killing two homeless men. Corey ran. Just when they were about to capture and kill her, the Hunt Goddess appeared.


Corey appears in Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales, but is not part of the Tortallan Universe.

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