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The crows of the Copper Isles are sacred to the patron god of the isles, Kyprioth. They like sparkly things just as much as he does. In the spring of 462 HE the crows strike a wager with Kyprioth. They are to help keep Alianne of Pirate's Swoop alive. When they manage this Kyprioth promises all of them a special necklace. In order to win the wager the crows teach Aly to understand their language and help her where they can. Although some of the crows don't things much of her intellect some also develop a liking for Aly, like Nawat. He even changes his form to became human, which all crows are able to. Myth says that the raka, natives of the Copper Isles, were born from eggs laid by crows and thus the raka and the crows are cousins. The crows also fight for the rebellion, whose aim it is to put a half-raka queen on the throne of the Copper Isles.

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