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Conté Family
Year ennobled
Noble book Book of Silver
Rank Royalty
Subsidiary titles
Head of house King Jonathan IV (438 HE-present)
Heir apparent Crown Prince Roald
Notable members Jonathan I of Conté (elevated House Conté to royal house)
Roger III of Conté (ended slavery in Tortall)
Gareth III of Conté ("The Strong")
Jasson III of Conté ("The Conqueror")
Roald V of Conté ("The Peace-maker")
Roger of Conté (evil sorcerer)
Jonathan IV of Conté (commoner and women's rights)
Thayet of Conté (co-ruler of Tortall, schools for the poor)
Kalasin of Conté (Empress of Carthak)
Inheritance Oldest child
Status Extant
Notable events Coronation Day Battle
Nationality Tortallan
Residence Tortallan Royal Palace
Castle Conté
Landholdings Tortall
Location Corus (Royal Palace)
Royal Forest (Fief Conté)
Crest Silver sword and crown on a blue field
Colors Blue and silver
Cadet branches
Related families Naxen family
Queenscove family
Dunlath family
Royal Houses of neighbouring countries
Loyalty Tortall
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe family
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First Appeared Alanna: The First Adventure
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance Trickster's Choice
Only Appearance '
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The Conté family (pronounced kohn-TAY) is the Tortallan royal family, and a long-lived reigning dynasty that founded Tortall.[1]

Family history

Newlin I was the first Conté king to rule Tortall, and succeeded members of the Rethaward family as rulers of the area of Tortall in 795 BHE. He founded the country which was originally a state in the Thanic Empire.[1]

Tortall experienced many wars under the Conté rulers, namely the various conquests of King Jasson, the Tusaine War under King Roald, and the Immortals War and the Scanran War under King Jonathan IV. There were also times of relative peace, including during the time of King Jonathan.

Fief Conté

Fief Conté was once just an ordinary fiefdom, located on the southern edge of the Royal Forest near Fief Cavall. The castle was held by any royal son without land or title of his own, and was run by a seneschal when the family is not in residence.[2]

Members of the Family

200s HE

Alysy of Galla married into the family but produced no heirs. They are married in 222 HE, when Roger is still a prince of Tortall. Between 222 and 224, he ascends, as Alysy did carry the title Queen before her death.

300s - 400s HE

Coat of Arms and colors

The Conté royal colors are blue, white, and silver. Their arms are a sword and crown over a field.


Dunlath family

The Dunlath family and the Conté family were fourth cousins in the 400s HE. Yolane, Duchess of Dunlath, was King Jonathan's fourth cousin as was Yolane's younger sister, Maura of Dunlath. Lady Maura, at least, had magic inherited from the Conté line, which means four generations prior to this, a Conté princess married into the Dunlath family.

Naxen family

Tortall's ruling family had a close relationship with the Naxen family. Although they tried not to intermarry too often, they had been working together off and on for "a couple of years" by the fifth century of the Human Era. One of King Jasson's best generals and his right hand had been a Naxen and he married a Naxen third cousin. King Roald married Lianne of Naxen and her brother, Gareth of Naxen the Elder, was the page's training master as well as Roald's Prime Minister. This close bond between the families continued on in the next generation, with King Jonathan, one of whose close friends was Duke Gareth's son Gary of Naxen, who also followed his father in being the King's Prime Minister.[4]

Trebond family

In the 200s HE, one of Prince Baird's daughters married Lionel of Trebond, thus becoming a member of the Trebond family. Presumably, Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau is Prince Baird's descendant through this daughter.

Jesslaw family

Jasson III married a member of the Jesslaw family, who is now ancestress to not only the heir of Tortall, but of Carthak.

King's Reach family

Princess Kalasin stayed with her kinswoman, the Countess of King's Reach and a relation of Faleron of King's Reach, in order to learn how to be a lady.

Other possible ties

Burchard of Stone Mountain mentioned that the royal family marrying foreign royalty was a rather new and progressive concept, suggesting that the Conté family traditionally only married its own nobility. This could suggest that the Conté family is related to quite a few more Tortallan noble families than what is listed.

The Queenscove family

Baird of Queenscove shares the same name as many Tortallan kings. As the Tortallan nobility and royalty have a tradition of naming children after ancestors, this could suggest that the Conté family has a possible relation to the Queenscove family. This would be very probable, as the Queenscove family is one of the most powerful and respected noble house of Tortall, not unlike the Naxen family. It is also a duchy like Dunlath and Naxen.

Family tree

  Alysy of Conté † - Roger III of ContéJessamine of ContéGareth III of Conté
                                  ? generations
                               Jasson III of ContéDaneline of JesslawNaxen           ┌——————————————————┴————————————————┐
               │              │                                   │
     Lianne of NaxenRoald V of Conté                 unnamed brother ┬ unnamed wife
                     │                                                  │
              Jonathan IV of ContéThayet jian Wilima             Roger of Conté
               │                       │                                   │           │               │                  │
               │                       │             Iliniat               │           │               │                  │
               │                       │                │                  │           │               │                  │
ShinkokamiRoald VI of Conté  Kalasin of ContéKaddar Iliniat  Liam of Conté  Jasson of Conté  Lianne of Conté  Vania of Conté
           │                                     │
       Lianokami of Conté                 Binur Iliniat

Notes and references

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