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A conspiracy against King Roger III formed in 249 HE. The conspiracy was headed by Prince Baird, the king's younger brother who wanted the throne for himself. They kidnapped Prince Gareth of Conté, the king's only child, and would have sold him into slavery if they were not stopped by Sabine of Macayhill and Rebakah Cooper.

Major events

Early June

  • Members of the conspiracy kidnapped Prince Gareth to sell him into slavery.
  • Lazamon of Buckglen, the Lord High Chancellor of Mages was murdered by the conspiracy after his capture so he wouldn't share important details.

June 11th

  • Corus is put on lockdown. Nobles and mages are not permitted to enter the city, and those nobles and mages who try to leave are turned away. Common people are allowed to leave, but they are inspected closely by soldiers. Herds are searched as they come in the gates[1].
  • Hereward of Genlith is put in charge of the Tortallan Royal Palace while the king is in the Summer Palace.
  • All those who are presently living in the palace are forbidden to leave, and those who left days before are ordered back.
  • Due to the death of the Lord High Chancellor of Mages, the First Priest of the Mithrans and the Eldest Daughter are put in charge of all things magical.

Members of the Conspiracy

Royals and nobles


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Provost's Dog Events

This conspiracy was the major problem in Mastiff, the third and final installment of the Provost's Dog trilogy.

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