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Cold Fire
ColdFire us hc
A Novel of the Emelan
Protagonist Daja
Antagonist Bennat Ladradun
Setting Kugisko
Author Tamora Pierce
Cover Artist
Publication information
Release Date 2002
UK Release Date
Series The Circle Opens
Preceded by Street Magic
Followed by Shatterglass
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Plot introduction

Daja and Frostpine travel to the north of Namorn to stay with friends of his. Daja discovers the children of the Bancanor family have magic and must teach them whilst hunting for an arsonist who threatens the city.

Plot Summary

Daja and Frostpine are staying with the Bancanor family in Kugisko in the far north of Namorn. While they are staying there, Daja realized that the two eldest daughters of the family (the twins Niamara Bancanor (Nia) and Jorality Bancanor (Jory) possess ambient magic. She devises a testing mirror to determine the aspect of their magics. Nia is discovered to possess Carpentry magic and Jory to possess Cooking.

Since Daja has no skill in either of those areas, she entrusts the twins to local mages. Her only responsibility is in teaching them to meditate. Since the twins are complete opposites in personality, this proves to be a challenging task.

Meanwhile, Daja makes friends with a local firefighter, Bennat Ladradun. He is trying to form an organized fire brigade from the villagers, but it isn't working. Daja and Ben suspect that many if not all of the recent fires were set on purpose. As Ben searches to discover the "fire-bug", Daja works tirelessly to make Ben a pair of living metal gloves to protect him from burning.

Daja ends up saving many people from burning buildings as the amount of fires increases.

In the end it is revealed that Ben is the "fire-bug" and Daja captures him and gives him to the authorities; who end up burning him to death. He did this to show the leaders of the islands where fires were happening that they needed to respect the fires more, and give him more funding to combat the flames

Meanwhile, Frostpine works with Heluda Salt, chief investigative mage, to find a counterfeiter.

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