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The Code of Civalry sets the rules which Tortallan knights follow. Before all knights are knighted, they must take the ritual bath and meditate after being instructed in the code of chivalry. After mediation they enter the chamber of the ordeal to undergo the Ordeal of Knighthood.

The Ordeal of Knighthood is the most vital part of a knight's training. Squires undergo the Ordeal during the Midwinter Festival every year. Those who survive are knighted.

After undergoing a ritual bath where they receive instruction from two knights, the would-be knight must spend the night in contemplation, then enter the Chamber of the Ordeal alone at dawn. They are forbidden to make any sound during the Ordeal or the preceding night. If they are still alive when the chamber doors open, and don't immediately run away or confess to some disgrace, they are knighted in a ceremony that evening.

Knights are forbidden from discussing what goes on during their Ordeal.


The Code of Chivalry is a genreal code of condcut for all would be knights. A guideline for how they must live their lives. Myles of Olau used to rant in his classes about the Code and dispute it's implications with the pages instead of teaching History and Law. When Duke Gareth observed his class once he told Sir Myles to stick to his actual topic instead of the Code.

The code

The code of Chivalry is as follows:

"If you survive the Ordeal of Knighthood, you will be a knight of the realm. You will be sworn to protect those weaker than you, to obey your overlord, to live in a way that honors the kingdom and your gods. To wear the shield of a knight is an important thing. It means you may not ignore a cry for help. It means that rich and poor, young and old, male and female may look to you for rescue and you may not deny them. You are bound to uphold the law. You may not look away from wrongdoing. You may not help anyone to break the law of the land, and you must prevent the breaking of the law at all times, in all cases. You are bound by your honor and your word. Act in such a way that when you face the Dark God you need not be ashamed. You have learned the laws of Chivalry. Keep them in your heart. Use them as your guides when things are at their darkest. They will not fail you if you interpret them with humanity and kindness. A knight is gentle, a knight's first duty is to understand."
—Code of Chivalry[src]
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