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The Coastal Hills are a region in western Tortall, near the shore of the Emerald Ocean. The Coastal Way runs between the hills and the ocean. The Coastal Hills can be divided into northern and southern regions, with Port Caynn marking the divide. Port Legann is at their southernmost point, and Pirate's Swoop is on a peninsula west of the hills about midway between Port Caynn and Port Legann. The River Tellerun runs through the northern parts of the Coastal Hills, where Barony Olau and the city of Arenaver are situated.

Until the early 3rd century HE, silver was mined in both regions of the Coastal Hills, although the silver in the northern region (particularly in and around Barony Olau) was more plentiful and of higher quality, with a pearly sheen. The insignia displayed over the Guildmaster's dais in the Corus Silversmith's Guild Hall is made from Coastal Hills silver.

In roughly the 210s HE, the existing mines in the northern hills were believed to have run out of silver. However, a newfound vein was discovered in an abandoned mine in Olau in 247 HE. Hansevor Remy provided Pearl Skinner with silver from the new vein, which she used for the Counterfeiting of 247 HE.[1]

Notes and References

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