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=== Physical ===
=== Physical ===
Goodwin had brown eyes and dark brown or black hair<ref name="hair" /><ref name="b162" />, which she wears cropped short. She was built strong at five feet six inches (5'6") tall. Goodwin had "a small beak of a nose" and full lips.<ref name="terrier1" /> [[Zolaika]] had cut the top of her left ear off in a fight on September 20, 247 [[HE]]<ref>''Bloodhound'', September 25, 247 I (p. 507)</ref>.
Goodwin had brown eyes and dark brown or black hair<ref name="hair" /><ref name="b162" />, which she wears cropped short. She was built strong at five feet six inches (5'6") tall. Goodwin had "a small beak of a nose" and full lips.<ref name="terrier1" /> [[Zolaika]] had cut the top of her left ear off in a fight on September 20, 247 [[HE]]<ref>''Bloodhound'', September 25, 247 I (p. 507)</ref>.
=== Personality and Traits ===
=== Personality and Traits ===

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"Corporal Guardswoman Goodwin is a true hero in the Provost's Guard. She has recovered large amounts of property, brought hundreds to justice, and saved countless lives. [...] Her life and work are valuable to this court."
Sir Tullus on Beka's first Court Day[src]

Clara "Clary" Goodwin was a resident of Flash District in Corus in the third century of the Human Era. She was a member of the Provost's Guard and famous for her work in the Lower City. She had been partnered with Matthias Tunstall for fourteen years before accepting a promotion to Watch Sergeant in late September of 247 HE, even though she could have had any position in Corus that she wanted much sooner. Together with Tunstall, Goodwin was also Rebakah Cooper's training partner and during the search for the counterfeiters in Port Caynn her Dog partner. Goodwin was more uptight than Tunstall, and was commanding. She was married to Tomlan Goodwin, a master carpenter.

She appeared in Terrier and Bloodhound and briefly in Mastiff.


She was probably born roughly around 212 HE.[1] Not much is known about Clara Goodwin's childhood and youth. Her family were respectable members of the Carpenter's Guild[2], making it likely that Clara had a good upbringing, but her maiden name and thus the name of her family was never mentioned. Her mother taught her how to sew and even embroider, wanting Clara to learn the craft because she thought she could still convince her daughter to become a proper wife instead of becoming a Dog. Goodwin still kept her hands busy with it years later, even after the death of her mother, as a way to remember her and to honor the craft.[3] It is quite possible that Clara also met her future husband, Tomlan Goodwin, through her family's connections in the Carpenter's Guild, considering that he'd later become a carpenter himself.

Goodwin probably entered Puppy training in 228 HE, because she began working as a full Dog the following year.[4] One of her training partners was Nyler Jewel.[5] Not long after, she became a street Dog. She had been bribed to stand guard for the unloading of a shipment and asking no questions,[6] however, she eventually returned to active duty. In 233 HE Matthias Tunstall became her partner,[4] and they worked together for the next fourteen years.

It's unknown when exactly she married the master carpenter Tomlan Goodwin, who was quite a contrast to her personality-wise as he was easygoing. They had been married to each other since before 237 HE, perhaps already married, because Goodwin once mentioned to Beka that she had been working in Port Caynn for a few months--around 237 HE[7]--, when she and Tom had difficulties. That was when Goodwin became acquainted with the Finers, because Isanz Finer's son was taking her out.[8] Goodwin also mentioned that she had already been married to Tom by that time.[9] Goodwin also discovered her liking for outlandish food like Yamani buckwheat noodles while living in Port Caynn.[10]

Around 246 HE she and her husband lived on Dun Lane in Flash District, a better part of Corus than the Lower City. Their house was "a pretty stone place with a well-thatched roof and orderly garden." Besides growing vegetables, the Goodwins also had chickens and goats as well as charms over their door.[11] At the last eclipse before April of 246 HE, Goodwin was also elected the Goddess's Magistrate for the Lower City at the Mother of Starlight temple.[12] She and Myaral Fane attended the same temple; they had been friends since around 226 HE.[13]

By April of 246 HE Goodwin held the rank of a Corporal within the Provost's Guard[14] and had refused promotion to Sergeant several times[15]. She and Tunstall had never had a Puppy themselves until Rebakah Cooper was assigned their trainee on April 1, 246 HE. Beka would be the only Puppy the Dog pair Goodwin and Tunstall would train together. Although at first she was rather gruff towards Beka, Goodwin eventually warmed to her. During the first two months that Beka was their trainee they solved two big cases; the Shadow Snake and the Opal Murders. Shortly after Beka was assigned their Puppy, Goodwin got her jaw broken by Orva Ashmiller - who hit her with the hilt of a heavy butcher's knife. Goodwin was lucky that the impact did not break her skull as well. Although this was a painful experience for Goodwin, it didn't prevent her from active duty and she continued her patrol the same evening.

Even after Beka became a full Dog and had her own partners she was occasionally partnered with Goodwin and Tunstall--each time that she "lost" another partner. In September of 247 HE Beka and Goodwin were together in Port Caynn in search of the counterfeiters--Tunstall was at home with two broken legs at the time. During that time Goodwin missed her husband, and although she flirted with Hansevor Remy, she would never have betrayed Tom with him. When they returned to Corus in late September, Goodwin accepted the position of Watch Sergeant for Evening Watch in Jane Street kennel, because Kebibi Ahuda transfered to Flash District.[16] Goodwin reasoned that a hunt like that in Port Caynn didn't excite her anymore like it did before and she wanted a more settled life.



Goodwin had brown eyes and dark brown or black hair[17][18], which she wears cropped short. She was built strong at five feet six inches (5'6") tall. Goodwin had "a small beak of a nose" and full lips.[4] Zolaika had cut the top of her left ear off in a fight on September 20, 247 HE[19].


Personality and Traits

"She is good at what she does, but she does not know how to handle young folk."
Myaral Fane to Rebakah Cooper referring to Clara Goodwin[src]

Goodwin had a diverse personality. She was quite strict, even cross when she was working and didn't seem to have much patience. But Goodwin could also show a soft side when she was with her husband or concerning Pounce. Although being mostly rough, she was also affectionate, like she was when leaving Beka in Port Caynn and warning her not to be reckless and take care.

Goodwin flirted well and did so especially with Hansevor Remy while in Port Caynn, but was a "one-man woman" and would never betray or leave her husband.[20] Instead her flirtings with Hanse were solely to aid their disguise as "loose dogs" and to gather information.


She has a tendency to pace when she thinks and talks, which Tunstall often points out to her. She always carries a hank of sturdy rope in her pack.

Skills and abilities

Goodwin was very good at her work as a Dog, being considered one of the toughest Dogs of the Lower City, the roughest part of Corus. She also had good wits, as shown when she learned a new game, Gambler's Chance, quickly and was able to loose on purpose the next evening, because this helped her and Beka on their hunt. Otherwise she could have won quite a bit of money.[21]

She also learned how to embroider when she was younger to please her mother, and still did so in in 247 HE. Goodwin could see and communicate with water sprites, thus she seemed to have a similar gift as Beka with the dust spinners[22].


Tomlan Goodwin

Tomlan was Clara's husband and both clearly loved each other. She mostly only showed her affectionate side around him and he was clearly worried for her when she was working. Tom was the one cooking in their household and even provided his wife and Beka with some food for their voyage on the Green Mist. While in Port Caynn Goodwin missed her husband and she would have prefered someone else to go so that she could stay with Tom.

Working relationships

Matthias Tunstall

Goodwin and Tunstall had been working together as a Dog pair for fourteen years. They worked very well together, understanding each other and often communicating without words, thus being one of the best pairs in the Lower City. When off duty they also teased each other sometimes, like when Goodwin had a broken jaw and Tunstall particularly enjoyed the food she couldn't eat at that moment. Goodwin answered his teasing by throwing porridge at him. Goodwin also voiced her concerns on Tunstall's private issues of courting Lady Sabine, showing that she not only liked Tustall as her working partner, but also as a friend.

Rebakah Cooper

Beka: "Goodwin, am I a good Dog or not?"
Goodwin: " (She looked away from me. Then, sudden-like, she wrapped an arm around my head in a rough hold.) "You're a good Dog. I want you to live to be a great one."
— Beka and Goodwin before she leaves to fetch reinforcements from Corus[src]

Beka was Goodwin and Tunstall's Puppy from April 246 HE to April the following year. At first Goodwin was against having a Puppy, because she thought they only brought trouble. However, she soon realized that Beka was a good addition to their team, who "earned her meals". Thus Goodwin soon began to trust in Beka's abilities and ideas. Even after Beka became a full-fledged Dog she was sometimes paired up with Tunstall and Goodwin, because she was intermittently without a partner of her own. In September of 247 HE Beka and Goodwin were partnered for a Hunt of their own, searching the counterfeiters in Port Caynn. During this Hunt, especially when telling Beka to take care of herself when Goodwin had to go to Corus to report to Lord Gershom, her attachment to Beka was clearly shown. Goodwin's regard for Beka was high enough that she didn't request another partner for this hunt, although she could have. Goodwin later even left Beka alone in Port Caynn, showing clearly that she trusted her former trainee to take care of herself.

When Goodwin accepted the position of a desk sergeant, this decision was certainly helped by the knowledge that both Beka and Tunstall would make a good pair of their own and look after each other.

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