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Carnations are flowers mostly associated with love, fascination, and distinction, but also with good luck. They are known both in the Tortallan and Emelanese Universes.

Tortallan Universe

In the third century of the Human Era carnations were known in the Lower City of Corus as gillyflowers. Rosto the Piper used to give Rebakah Cooper carnations whenever something good or bad happened to her. She once wondered how he came to those flowers in the cold months, but realized that he, as the Rogue, could get to mage-grown carnations.[1]

Emelanese Universe

Carnations have magical uses in the Emelan Universe. Its oil strengthen and purifies.[2]

Sandry uses carnation oil in a protective circle mixed with charcoal, rose geranium, frankincense, and rosemary.[2]

Rosethorn uses carnation in her Facilitator oil, along with lotus and myrrh, heightening the plants' properties of strength, purification and the penetration of obstacles.[3]

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