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Calum Painter was the son of Amaya and Vonti Painter. He was taken by the Shadow Snake and killed when his mother didn't pay the demanded ransom—a ruby pendulum—on February 1, 243 HE.[1] He was the first known victim of the Shadow Snake. Thus the notes written to his mother showed significant differences from the notes Rebakah Cooper and her senior Dogs found at Crookshank's. Calum is also the only known victim who wasn't taken in the night from his bed but while the family was out shopping in the Nightmarket[2].

Calum was a lively boy, who sometimes made life difficult for his mother when he ran about and she didn't know where he was. That's why she had him carry charms with him so she could find him. His kidnappers removed the charms so his mother couldn't find him[3].

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