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Buriram Tourakom
Lady of Goldenlake and Malorie's Peak
By Right of Husband
Style '
Start of Reign
Coronation Date
End of Reign
Tenure 460 HE — present
Regency Council
Heir Apparent
Heir Presumptive
King's Champion
Prime Minister
Bequeathed by
Date Bequeathed
Style '
Commander of the Queen's Riders
Reigning Monarch King Jonathan IV & Queen Thayet
Liege Lord
Years of Service 450s HE - 460 HE
Predecessor Queen Thayet
Successor Evin Larse
Biographical Information
Birth Name
Maiden Name
Nickname Buri
Honorific '
Born 424 HE
Race K'miri
Nationality Tortallan (naturalized)
Saren (by birth)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5' 4"
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Family Information
Noble House Goldenlake family
Malorie's Peak family
Ancestors K'miri Raadeh
K'miri Sembou
Parents Susatahan Longprum
Thiratay Tourakom [1]
Adoptive Parents
Siblings Pathom Tourakom[2]
Husband Raoul of Goldenlake and Malorie's Peak
Adoptive Children
Other Family
Patron God
Rank Nobility
Commoner (former)
Residence Tortallan Royal Palace
Bazhir Tribe
K'miri Tribe Raadeh
Sponsored by
Sponsor to
Training Master
Knight Master
Year Knighted
Affiliation Dominion Jewel
Coronation Day Battle
Military Affiliation
Military Branch Queen's Riders
Squad Leader Sergeant
Rider Group Group
Provost's Guard
Guard District
Guard Watch
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Lioness Rampant
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance Trickster's Choice
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned '

Buriram of Goldenlake and Malorie's Peak[3], born Buriram Tourakom (pronounced BOOR-ih-rahm TOOR-a-komm) of the K'miri Raadeh clan and nicknamed Buri, is a Tortallan noblewoman through her marriage to Raoul of Goldenlake, a famed Knight of Tortall. She is known throughout the land for military exploits and personal connections. A close friend of Thayet, the Queen of Tortall, Buri commanded the Queen's Riders from 452 until 460 HE—a battle troop that accepts both men and women into its ranks. She also fought alongside Queen Thayet, King Jonathan IV, Alanna the Lioness, and others, in the Coronation Day Battle to stop Duke Roger.

Buri married Raoul of Goldenlake in 460 HE[4] after resigning her post as Commander. After the wedding, she often accompanied the King's Own, although she sometimes rode with the Queen and her ladies. In the summer, she still helped to train new Riders[3].


Early life

Buri was born around 425 HE[3] into the Hau Ma K’mir tribe of Sarain[5]. Like many K’miri, she was raised to be a warrior. Her family was dedicated to the service and protection of Princess Thayet’s family. Buri’s family served Thayet’s for generations[6], and served Thayet's mother, Kalasin, even when the K'miri princess married Adigun jin Wilima, the warlord of Sarain.

Civil war in Sarain

A brutal civil war broke out in Sarain in 437 HE[7]. About two years later, Thayet had to flee her father’s enemies. Buri kept her family’s duty and acted as Thayet's personal guard while she was on the run[6].

Alanna the Lioness

Buri, Thayet, and a group of refugee children, met Alanna, Coram Smythesson, and Liam Ironarm while they were en route to the Mother of Waters convent in Rachia for shelter. Buri and Thayet managed to ambush and surround Alanna and her friends in order to perceive if they were threats to them or not. This was quite a feat, as Alanna was a Knight of Tortall, Coram a war veteran, and Liam was the Shang Dragon, one of the most elevated ranks of Shang. After deliberation, Alanna agreed to help Buri and Thayet reach their destination, although Buri was reluctant to accept the alliance. Buri felt she must do everything in her power to protect Thayet from danger. Liam also recognized Thayet to be a jin Wilima, because of the young woman's very strong nose that was a trait among the men of her family. Thayet at this moment, was being pursued by many of her father's rivals, including Dusan zhir Anduo, who wanted to marry her in order to meld their power.

Upon reaching Rachia, Thayet was attacked by assassins. The group made it to the convent, but the priestesses made it clear that Thayet was not welcome, as they did not want to be targeted by her father's enemies as well. Among them was First Daughter jian Cadao, who was Thayet's first cousin through her father. Liam thought it was dishonorable for the First Daughter to turn away family, but Thayet made it clear that she understood why jian Cadao couldn't take her in, and that she didn't blame her cousin for it. Buri, being K'miri, would also have been in danger from the rebels. They left the refugee children at the convent, but continued on with Alanna and company to the Roof of the World in order to retrieve the Dominion Jewel for Tortallan use[6].


Arrival and the Coronation Day Battle

After retrieving the Jewel, Buri and Thayet went to Tortall with the other companions. Buri was introduced to all of Alanna's friends and family, including Myles of Olau, Alanna's adoptive father, and Eleni Cooper. When Buri met George Cooper, Buri was flattered when the thief remembered her name, even after meeting Thayet the Peerless. Along with Thayet, Buri was introduced formally to the the Court of Tortall at the palace[5].

Buri was present at Jonathan IV's coronation and participated in the Coronation Day Battle in the fight against Duke Roger. She, along with Thayet and other noblewomen, helped to fight the enemy, using throwing stars and pikes. Buri was the one to find Alanna in the catacombs after the fighting was over[8]. When Alanna went to stay with the Bloody Hawk tribe after the aftermath, Buri, Thayet and a squad of the King's Own went to the Great Southern Desert in order to visit her[9].

Queen's Riders

In 442 HE, Thayet established the Queen’s Riders[7]. From the beginning, Buri was co-commander, taking care of the everyday work of the Riders.[10]. At some point during the Immortals’ War, Thayet, too busy with queenly duties, stepped down and Buri became the commander of the Queen’s Riders[7][10]. Buri personally led the Seventeenth Rider group, Group Askew[11].

Veralidaine Sarrasri and the Immortals War

Buri met famed Wild Mage Veralidaine Sarrasri in approximately 449 HE when Daine was hired on as assistant horsemistress to the Queen’s Riders[12]. She and Buri became friends[13]. Buri was present, along with that summer's Riders recruits, during the attack on Pirate's Swoop[12]. She was stationed in Corus during the battle of Port Legann [14].

Under Buri’s command, the Riders often worked closely with the King’s Own[15]. In the year 456 HE, when Lord Raoul took on Squire Kel, Buri and her Riders rode with the Own to answer calls for help. They helped the Own to capture bandits and rebuild towns ruined by thieves or natural disasters. Often their travels were used as excuses to avoid the social pressures of the Grand Progress[11].

Over the course of the Grand Progress, Buri spent a lot of her social time with Lord Raoul, Squire Kel, and their mutual friends. Like Raoul, Buri was not comfortable in the social situations dictating the Progress. Buri was often pressured to attend big parties by Thayet[16]. At Kel's suggestion, Buri often joined Raoul at parties to start no pressure conversations with a few people: they both helped Roald and Shinkokami to become comfortable around each other and get to know each other before they were married[16]. Buri also attended a small gathering to help distract Kel the night of Cleon’s Ordeal of Knighthood[17].

During the Midwinter celebrations of 457 HE, Raoul, prompted by Kel, asked Buri to attend a family party with him as his guest[11]. Subsequently, they became lovers and apparently tried and failed to keep their relationship quiet[18].

Towards the end of the Progress, reports came in that Scanra was on the move, raiding northern Tortall more than usual. Buri, along with Third Company of the King’s Own was ordered to stay with the King and Queen while they broke from the Progress to survey areas in the north of Tortall[19].

When Kel returned to Corus the autumn before her Ordeal of Knighthood, Buri was reported to be in the South with her Riders. She returned to Corus closer to Midwinter[20].

Marriage and Later Life

The Scanran War began in the year 460 HE. In the autumn of that year, Buri resigned her position as commander of the Queen’s Riders[21]. She decided not to wait for the end of the war to see Raoul again: they had decided to get married since they were not getting any younger[4]. They didn't really bother with a betrothal. She, along with Yuki, bought passage on a ship heading north, and then traveled overland to Fort Steadfast. Buri and Raoul got married in September of that year at Fort Steadfast. With her marriage, Buri gained a title: Lady of Goldenlake and Malorie’s Peak[3].

Evin Larse, the former assistant commander of the Queen’s Riders replaced Buri.

Buri and husband Raoul attended the naming ceremony for Daine and Numair’s first child. The ceremony and following party took place on Midsummer’s Day, June 22, 462 HE near Trebond. They also witnessed a mock sword fight between Alanna and Kel at Fort Mastiff sometime before the end of the war.

Despite resigning from the Riders, Buri continued to work for the safety of the country. She rode frequently with Raoul and the King’s Own. So as not to spoil her new husband, Buri also occasionally rode with Queen Thayet and her ladies. In the summer, she helped to train new recruits of the Queen’s Riders[3].

"Buri and Raoul are quite happy, patrolling the realm with the Own and trying to decide when/if they want to settle and have kids." - from an AMA on Reddit [22]

Physical description

Buri was a stocky and muscular K’mir woman, standing about 5’ 4” tall. She had a dark complexion: golden


brown skin and straight, thick black hair, frequently braided. She had a broad face with a short nose, firm mouth, high cheekbones and a square chin. She had level black eyes and white teeth. Buri was left-handed; she had blunt fingers.


Kel: "I was wishing we didn’t have to stop."
Raoul: "I thought the same. But you know, Buri might object."
Kel: "As much as I like you, my lord, I’d sooner deal with the objections of a cobra. It’s safer."
— Keladry of Mindelan and Lord Raoul on returning to Corus before Kel's Ordeal[src]

Buri was a fierce, independent, stubborn, and practical woman. She was acknowledged to be a natural commander, able to see the skills of others and put them to their best use. She generally behaved as she wished and was brutally honest, but kind. She was not afraid to share her point of view. Buri felt a sense of duty to Thayet, though she thought the chivalric code a little impractical. She was snarky and liked to tell jokes.

In large parties or affairs of the state, Buri was uncomfortable, quiet, and could be described as “wooden.” She was most comfortable in small groups and with friends. She liked to spend time with fellow soldiers instead of with nobles. She did not believe in idealism. Within the Riders, Buri did not insist on a complicated chain-of-command, preferring a looser command structure. She preferred informal conversations and was easygoing over the use of her title.

Skills and Abilities

Buri was a warrior. Famous for her skills, Buri was a fierce fighter, both armed and unarmed. She excelled at different types of weapons and fighting styles[10]. She was acknowledged to be a natural commander[23].

While Buri was on the run with Thayet during the Saren civil war, she showed herself to be a competent warrior, hunter, traveler, and even babysitter[6].

In particular, Buri showed skill with a bow and knows K’miri trick riding[9]. She also learned some hand-to-hand combat from the Shang Dragon[24]. She enjoyed travelling on the road. She showed Alanna how to take care of the orphan refugee baby[6].

Buri did not make noise when she moved; she was able to sneak up on opponents unnoticed[6].

George taught Buri to pick pockets[25].

Buri went to morning practice sessions at the palace with Alanna and other knights, squires, and pages. She earned respect for her skills from the boys[25].

During the attack at Jonathan’s coronation, Buri used throwing stars against the enemy[8].

Buri learned to practice the glaive with the arrival of the Yamanis[20].

Buri was able shoot different of bow; she preferred the Riders’ recurve bow to long bow or Yamani bow, which she tried on Progress[17].



Buri has only mentioned two blood relatives: her mother and her brother, Pathom. Both served Kalasin personally. They died keeping guards away from Kalasin so she could commit suicide[6].


Though Thayet was not a blood relative, Buri treats her like a sister. Buri’s family had served Thayet’s for generations. Both were raised with K’mir values. Once Thayet has to flee her native country, Buri gladly followed.


Buri and Onua are old friends.

Keladry of Mindelan

Buri acts as an adviser and friend to Kel. She is very kind and supportive to the girl, as she knows what its like to be in her place. After Vinson of Genlith is convicted of sexual assault, Buri talks of it with Kel—as the girl knows she should have reported Vinson years ago to keep this from happening. Buri tells her that she should have reported it, but also that Kel has learned from her mistake, and will report in the future.

Raoul of Goldenlake

Buri met Raoul for the first time on her way to Tortall. Raoul had arrived in Port Udayapur on a diplomatic ship, looking for Alanna. The whole group sailed together from there to Port Caynn[24][5].

Buri, as a commander of the Queen’s Riders, came into contact with the King’s Own on a frequent basis. She and Raoul were part of the same social circle and shared many acquaintances. They enjoyed each other’s company, often talking and joking with each other.

During the Midwinter festivals of 457 HE, Raoul was obligated to attend a family party, where he feared matchmaking mothers forcing their daughters on him. Kel suggested that he ask Buri along, noting that as an eligible female, her presence would discourage matchmaking schemes but as Raoul’s friend, she wouldn’t get romantic notions from the invitation. Both Raoul and Buri agreed to this plan. After that night, Raoul and Buri became lovers[11].

At some point during the Scanran War, Buri and Raoul decided neither of them are getting any younger, and to get married. In September 460 HE Buri resigned her post as commander of the Riders and traveled north to see Raoul at Fort Steadfast. They married in September with friends in attendance.

Despite resigning from the Riders, Buri continued to work for the safety of the country. Because she chose to travel with her new husband and the King's Own, children may or may not be Buri's future. She wouldn't want to have children while on the road. Also, both Buri and Raoul were in their late thirties upon marrying, so conception might be difficult.[3]



  • Upon first meeting Buri, Alanna is reminded of herself at that age[6].
  • When first confronted with the use of magic in a fight, Buri says it’s dishonorable and like cheating[6]. Years later, Buri comments that bought magic isn’t as good as the real thing[26].
  • During the quest to the Roof of the world, Buri and the rest met a Doi fortune-teller. Buri asked the fortune-teller to whisper whatever she read from Buri’s palm. Afterward Buri refused to tell what the fortune-teller said[24].
  • To have her fortune read, Buri offered her right-hand, indicating that she is left-handed. The fortune-teller says that the less-used hand is the one that reveals the inner self[24].
  • When Buri was presented at the Tortallan court, she wore a deerskin jacket with red and silver beading, tight deerskin breeches, black gauntlets and soft boots and carried silver and black daggers, short and long sword. Her hair was tightly braided and coiled, secured with silver pins[5].
  • While Thayet and Jonathan got to know each other, they politely invited Buri to go riding with them, but she had no desire to make conversation with noblemen or act as Thayet’s chaperone. Instead, Alanna showed Buri around the palace and introduced her to friends and the Court of the Rogue[25].
  • Buri’s insignia as commander was the emblem of the Queen’s Riders, a crimson horse rearing on a bronze field, circled by a gold ring[10].
  • One of the factors deciding Buri’s resignation from the Queen’s Riders was how Buri saw the relationships of her friends. She saw how unhappy being apart made Alanna, George, Thayet, and Jon. She knew she could either stay with the Riders or ride with her husband. She chose to join Raoul and fight alongside him [27].
  • Tamora on Buri and life after marriage: “…She's K'mir. You [Weild? Draw?] your sword until you're too weak to draw it…”[27]
  • Aly recognizes Buri as one of her adoptive aunts.

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