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Briar's Book a.k.a.
The Healing in the Vine
Briar's Book US hc
A Novel of the Emelan
Protagonist Briar
Antagonist Plague
Setting Summersea
Author Tamora Pierce
Cover Artist
Publication information
Release Date 1999
UK Release Date
Series The Circle of Magic
Preceded by Daja's Book
Followed by '
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Plot introduction

The main protagonist of the book is Briar Moss, a young ex-thief and "green" or plant mage, having ambient magic with all forms of plant life. Through his eyes the book explores themes of poverty and social injustice, as a deadly plague named the blue pox strikes The Mire, the poorest quarter of Emelan's capital city, Summersea. The sickness came as a result of water pollution from a mage trying to create a weight loss potion, which did not work. She disposed of it incorrectly, which led to the sickness to spread in other places.

Plot Summary

In the Mire, Briar follows his former thief friend into the sewers to meet another friend, Flick, who was sick. Rosethorn soon follows Briar, and brings the sick girl to a small charity hospital. Thousands of residents fall ill with this disease. Briar and Rosethorn along with other mages try to help those that are sick.

As the story continues, the hospital is put into quarantine, and many quartered there die. Rosethorn and Briar worked continuously, trying to bring down the patients' temperatures with willowbark tea, something for headaches, which doesn't work because the potion that led to the sickness was made specially to avoid the tea. Before they knew it, the plague has spread to the whole of Summersea. Briar and Rosethorn were allowed outside of the inn, as the inn's quarantine is now useless. They travel back to Winding Circle, a temple school for ambient mages. There, Rosethorn works with Dedicate Crane to find a cure for the sickness. With a team of mages, they continue in a fruitless search to find the number of keys that will become the cure. With the help of his sharp-eyed friend, Tris, Briar realized that the disease created by magic. Realizing the fault, Rosethorn and Crane soon finds out that there were thirty-six keys and the team begins to find the keys.

But Rosethorn falls incredibly ill and it's up to Briar to save her. While Tris follows Niklaren Goldeye (Niko) to find the cause of the disease, Briar helps Rosethorn stay alive and fight her fever. Niko and Tris discovers that the disease was a result of a magical experiment gone wrong that wasn't disposed of correctly. Tris returns to Winding Circle, but Rosethorn becomes gravely ill and dies. Briar, not wanting to lose his teacher, plunges after her into death, securely attached to his shakkan, Tris, Sandry, and Daja through magic so he can be pulled out from death. Briar finds Rosethorn in her a worn house and after an argument, begins cutting the cords that ties him back to the living world. Rosethorn, not wanting Briar to die, agrees before Briar cuts the final cord and follows him back to the living.

Meanwhile, the cure was found and all of Summersea was safe from the Blue Pox, for once and for all. The four mages live their life normally, with Lark and Rosethorn, who have a slight slur in her speech due to her partial death. The disease was defeated.

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