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Breechbranch is an ambient carpentry mage based in the island city of Kugisko, located on the Syth in Namorn.

Breechbranch owned a very selective shop in Kugisko, serving the wealthiest of clientele. Morrachane Ladradun was shocked that Matazidah Bancanor would not pick the best teachers for her daughters, and said that Breechbranch would be the best fit due to his clientele.[1]

Previous to her argument with Morrachane, Daja Kisubo had learned from Camoc Oakborn, another carpenter mage, that Breechbranch would not be a good teacher for a young girl as he had a tendency to use the switch when drunk, which happened a lot lately.[2]


In Cold Fire, he is referred to as "Breechbranch" by Morrachane Ladradun and "Beechbranch" by Camoc Oakborn. As the names are so similar, it is unlikely that Camoc was trying to be pejorative in misnaming the other man, and is likely that the iteration from Camoc Oakborn is simply a typo.

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