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"Bread! We need bread!"
—The crowd's shouts at the Bread Riot[src]

The Bread Riot took place on September 8, 247 HE on the Nightmarket in Corus. It was caused by the bakery Two for One raising its prices in connection with an already bad harvest. A mob formed in front of the bakery, complaining. Members of the Provost's Guard on duty on the Nightmarket tried to bring the crowd to order, among them Corporal Greengage, but to no avail. The guardsmen on duty there soon realized they couldn't do anything against the crowd, blowing the General Alarm signal to call other Dogs to help. Rebakah Cooper, Clara Goodwin and Matthias Tunstall heard this and came to help.[1]

Senior Guardsman Matthias Tunstall got both of his legs broken in the attempt to restore order. Dale Rowan, a courier, and Steen Bolter and Hanse Remy, caravan guards from Port Caynn also helped with getting the innocents out, having set up a shelter in the Jack and Pasty. Rebakah Cooper met them there for the first time.

To break the mob mages activated the riot founts under the Nightmarket, but to no avail. All good they did was throwing the people unfortunate enough to stand over them out of balance or even in the air. Others were simply glad for the water cooling them some off.[2] The riot only ended when mages laid freezing spells on the market, which was still wet from the usage of the riot founts.[3] In spite of the freezing spells it wasn't before three o'clock in the morning that the riot was finally over and the King's soldiers had restored order.[4]

After the riot the Nightmarket was cleared and closed until notice was given by the Crown. To ensure this soldiers stood on guard around the market. The Provost's Guard had also more to do in the Lower City because it's population used the occasion to commit more crimes than usual.[5] The army was also standing guard on the grain warehouses at the riverfront and many bakers didn't open their shops the next morning.[6]

The Bread Riot was a major event near the beginning of Bloodhound.

The Bread Riot could be a reference to the Bread Riot in Russia during Stalin's reign

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