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Boom stone

A boom-stone.

A boom-stone is a round device filled with blackpowder and used in combination with catapults. Boom-stones, although not as potent as battlefire, can cause great damage when exploding and hitting walls and ships.

The pirates attacking Winding Circle in Mead Moon of 1035 KF also used boom-stones to get into the temple. The ingredients and proportions in the used blackpowder were the secret of the pirate's chief mage Enahar. The pirates had also used the boom-stones to get through the north-gate but the temple's defenders managed to overwhelm them and then examine the powder in the boom stones.[1] Rosethorn, Lark, Frostpine, Niklaren Goldeye, their students and Gorse identified the ingredients as being fifteen parts charcoal, ten parts sulfur and seventy-five parts niter, which helped them to fend the stones off.[2] They are again used by Bennat Ladradun to blow up the Asinding Bathhouse in 1039 KF.

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