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Blueness, along with Scrap, was one of the cats Daine used to explore the castle of Dunlath in Wolf-Speaker. He is named Blueness "by men" implying that this is what humans call him, rather than being a name known only by other People. He is so named because he fell into a bowl of blue food coloring when he was young.

Role in Wolf-Speaker

Daine encounters Blueness, along with Scrap, when she is reaching out with her magic to find a suitable animal to ride along with. He is described as "a fat, dignified tom", and although Daine initially asks him if he will allow her to ride along with him, he suggests she take Scrap, because his size does not lend itself to spying and exploring. After exploring with Scrap, Daine does not see Blueness again until she is physically inside the castle again. He and Scrap lead her first to the mages' workrooms, and then to the tower where the bloodrain and the model of Dunlath valley are being kept. During the fight with the Coldfang, Scrap is killed, and Blueness is distraught; the only time he is shown as less than Scrap's self-assured mentor.

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