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The Bloody Hawk is a tribe of the Bazhir. The tribe lives in the Great Southern Desert of Tortall, which was originally part of Barzun. Like most Bazhir, they are nomadic, but they do set up encampments for large amounts of time near water.



The Bloody Hawk is under the leadership of the Voice of the Tribes, a man who can communicated magically with each member of the tribe. The Bloody Hawk also have a headman who oversees tribe business.

They have a shaman—a mage—to protect them against the dangers of the desert, both human and natural dangers.

Laws and rules

The tribe used to be hostile to the northerners before the arrival of Alanna of Trebond, and would capture travelers. They would usually have to fight to the death with a member of the tribe. If they won, they were adopted in. The tribe utilizes trial by combat in order to decide jurisdiction.

Women were not allowed on the councils or in fighting. When witnesses were called, they all must be men. This was changed when Alanna called for her two female apprentices—and the future shamans of the tribe—to witness her adoption. Women were not usually allowed to become shamans, except when the time called for it.

The shaman has quite a bit of political power within the tribe due to his or her status.

Members of the tribe

Notes and references

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