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Bit Island is part of the harbor fortifications of Emelan's capital Summersea. Originally it held a forty foot high watchtower, which was destroyed by an explosion in the second week of Mead Moon of 1035 KF.[1] The explosion was strengthened by magic which even got around the protection spells in the foundations of the tower. Even the powerful mage Niklaren Goldeye was unable to name the substance responsible for the explosion.[2] The explosion killed five people, including those paid to bring the barrel with the explosive substance on the island[3]. Trisana Chandler found a young starling, whose brother or sister and parents were already dead after the explosion, in the ruins of the tower when she looked into the exploded tower with her teacher, Niklaren Goldeye[4]. She took the starling with her to Discipline cottage, raised him and named him Shriek.

When the blue pox epidemic struck the following spring Bit Island was used for burning those who died of the disease.[5]

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