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The Birafu estates are located on Tongkang Island and are owned by Rubinyan Jimajen. The Jimajen family had owned the lands since the Luarin Conquest.[1]

In 463 HE, there was a large slave uprising on the estates, which was orchestrated by members of the raka conspiracy. The uprising was done without the consent of the main leaders, however, as the local organizers were told to wait by Ulasim Dodeka and the rest of the conspiracy's leaders. Even though they did disobey orders, Ulasim did not hesitate to send aid. He asked Nawat Crow and some of his brethren to make it so the rebels would seem like they disappeared into thin air in order to scare the regents.

The revolt was made up of around 200 slaves, 500 villagers, and 34 upper servants, according to Ochobu Dodeka.[1]

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