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Bihan (pronounced BEE-hahn) also called Bijan[1] is a southern country in the Circle Universe.


Location and political borders

Bihan is located south of the duchy of Emelan on the Pebbled Sea.


As Bihan is located in the south, it has a far warmer climate than that of Namorn. It may be akin to the climate of Emelan, however. Bihan is not desertland, and has forests. Porcupines are very common in the forests[2].



Bihan is probably ruled by a monarch, as are most countries in the Circle Universe, except for one, that being Tharios.


Unlike Emelan, there are no strict laws or enforcers on corruption in merchant families. Backhanded and non-humanitarian ways to get to the top economically are not forbidden in Bihan.


Bihan is economically known for its spices, and has grown wealthy in that trade[3].

House Rokat, a merchant clan which was famous for its monopoly on myrrh, originated from Bihan[4]. House Dihanur, a rival merchant clan also might have come from the same area, but it is unknown if it was Bihan.



The Bihanese wear long tunic coats and leggings like the Traders.[5].


They eat couscous with their hands[1].


Long before Frostpine started teaching Daja Kisubo, he visited Bihan and stayed with his friend and fellow student Kolborn Bancanor. They were both studying goldsmithing in the country for three years. They met the beautiful seamstress Matazidah, who first had a romantic and sexual affair with Frostpine, and then moved on to Kol[6].

Sandrilene fa Toren and her parents, Mattin and Amiliane visited Bihan around 1032 KF[2].

Known citizens

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