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Big Thor, originally a blacksmith in the southern hills[1], was a soldier at Fort Drell in the Tusaine War. There he was stationed at the Drell Falls and had already been defending the Fort with his comrades since 430 HE[2][3]. Thor becomes a friend of the disguised Alanna of Trebond, who is still the squire of Prince Jonathan at that time. He looked after Alanna and told her stories but also taught her how to handle big weapons like the spear and the axe[1].

Thor is ambushed and fatally wounded by Jem Tanner one evening when both are on watch together. After the fight following this incident is over, Alanna searches for Thor and can't do more to help him than let him sleep and pass over to the Peaceful Realms[4].

He only appears in chapter five of In the Hand of the Goddess and dies at the end of the chapter.

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