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Bernin (pronounced BURR-nihn) was a Tortallan commoner who lived during the 5th century HE. He was the son of the chief herdsman of Owlshollow, a fortified town located in the Royal Forest.[1]



Bernin's father was one of the people chosen to give advice to the King's Own about ways of entry into the town that they would miss. Bernin asked his father to remind them about the game track near the bluffs. Flyndan Whiteford put Keladry of Mindelan on duty at the bluffs because he wanted to give her boring work. Bernin was confused as to why a squire would have a girl's name.[1]

After Kel was injured badly from a centaur and after she had saved a toddler and a baby griffin, Bernin was one of the few brave enough to visit her even with the griffin. Bernin was shocked that Kel didn't want to be thanked for saving the toddler.[2]


Bernin only appears in Squire.

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