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Bazniuz Island is one of the many islands that make up the archipelagic city of Kugisko in Namorn. It is one of the inner islands, and is near the mainland. Prospect Canal runs between Bazniuz and Kadasep Island. Everall Bridge goes across the canal and connects the two islands where they are closest to each other in at the southwestern edge of Bazniuz. The Jung Canal separates Bazniuz from the mainland. The island is connected to the mainland by the Kyrsty Bridge.


Covil Way spans the length of the island and intersects with Sarah Street, which spans the width. Velvet Street is on the western coastline of Bazniuz.


Ladradun Furriers, the business owned by Morrachane Ladradun and her son, Bennat Ladradun, is located on the northern part of the island near Kyrsty Bridge[1].

Notes and references

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