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See also: ''[[The Woman Who Rides Like a Man]]''
See also: ''[[The Woman Who Rides Like a Man]]''
[[Category:Peoples of Tortall]]
[[Category:Peoples of Tortall]]
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The Bazhir are, collectively, the nomadic tribes of Tortall's Great Southern Desert.

The Bazhir live in a strict tribal community structure, with each tribe being led by a headman. Bazhir women are brought up to be subservient to men, and to always wear the veil for modesty.

Bazhir magic users are known as shamen and have great authority within their tribes.

The Voice of the Tribes is the spiritual link between all the Bazhir, a position of highest honor.

Known Tribes

The following are known tribes in 438 HE:

  • Bloody Hawk
  • Sunset Dragon

See also: The Woman Who Rides Like a Man

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