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The Battle of Forgotten Well took place in mid-August, 459 HE, on the Tortallan border with Scanra, approximately 5 miles from the town of Riversedge. It was fought between Third Company of the King's Own and Scanran raiders. Raoul and five squads arrived at the village of Forgotten Well where they had learned that a merchant caravan was being attacked by the Scanrans. After helping the merchants retreat to higher ground, the Own took up positions behind boulders at the foot of the hill below the village, facing the woods. The Scanrans attacked in several waves, each time trying a different formation to overpower the Tortallans who were alerted to the attacks by Kel's sparrows. Kel, herself, was placed with Sergeant Domitan's squad and sent to guard the far right flank, opposite Balim's squad who were sent to guard the far left.

During the battle, the Tortallans faced giants as well as a killing device for the first time.  Kel also learned that if she held griffin feathers over her eyes, she could see through illusions.

Dom's corporal Derom was killed in the Scanran's second volley of arrows. Dom was shot during the third volley, leaving Kel in command of his squad. Dom's other corporal, Symric, was beheaded by the killing device that attacked the Tortallans after Kel took command. Dom's squad was able to disable the killing device, and Kel gave a field promotion to corporal to Wolset for trapping the device's head. The battle ended once General Vanget arrived with aid from Northwatch. The men of the Own later called this battle "seeing the kraken".[1]

Notes and References

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