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"My Dogs say someone ought to do the city a favor and burn the Barrel's Bottom down, there's so many fights there. The Night Watch calls it 'the Barrel of Blood.'"
Ersken Westover to the breakfast company at Beka's[src]

The Barrel's Bottom was a tavern on Rovers Street in the Lower City of Corus in the middle of the third century of the Human Era. It was located on the bank of the Olorun River and was infamous for its regular brawls and for gambling.

Near the end of their watch on April 4, 246 HE Clara Goodwin, Matthias Tunstall and Rebakah Cooper tried to dissolve a brawl there and got into trouble when the fight was getting too much for them. Sabine of Macayhill, a lady-knight steped in to their aid.[1]

Beka got into six other big brawls in the tavern between April of 246 and September of 247. In the last one of which she even had her arm broken. Beka and several Senior Dogs went there again on September 7, 247 HE to find out more about the false coins which were being passed into the money stream.[2]


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