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House Bancanor
Year ennobled
Noble book
Rank Merchants
Subsidiary titles
Head of house Kolborn Bancanor
Heir apparent Eidart Bancanor
Notable members Matazidah Bancanor
Niamara Bancanor
Jorality Bancanor
Peigine Bancanor
Eidart Bancanor
Inheritance Male-preference primogeniture
Status Extant
Notable events Arson attacks of 1039
Nationality Namornese
Residence Bancanor House
Location Kugisko
Cadet branches
Related families
Bibliographical Information
Circle Universe family
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared '
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance Cold Fire
Last Mentioned The Will of the Empress

The Bancanor Family (pronounced BAN-kan-ohr) is a wealthy merchant family in Kugisko, a Namornese city.

Estates and net worth

The Bancanor family is extremely wealthy, and owns a large wooden mansion on Kadasep Island called Bancanor House. As Kolborn Bancanor is the head of the Goldsmith's Guild, which controls the city's banks, they are not in need of money. Kolborn Bancanor is the current owner of the Bancanor fortune, companies, and assets. As the Namornese favor boys, it is likely that Eidart Bancanor, Kol's only son, will inherit most if not all of the family fortune.

They are very powerful politically—being in charge of many banks—and are powerful enough to escape the bride-kidnapping custom of old times[1].

Family interests

In 1039 KF, it is revealed that the Bancanor family is interested in marrying their children into other merchant families, using arranged marriage. Having mage daughters complicates that, as many think mage-wives are too independent and unpredictable to be good wives[2].

The family is immensely philanthropic. They led the fundraiser to rebuild Yorgiry's Hospital. Their other philanthropic projects are unknown, but they are extremely generous. They offered their old friend Frostpine and his student Daja Kisubo their home to stay in, treating the two like family.

Kol's wife is very fashionable and trendsetting. Other wealthy women look to her for fashion advice and trends.

Kol's mother is still alive and is considered the social head of the family. In Namorn, the eldest man of the main branch is the political/economic leader, and the eldest woman is the social leader.

Family history

The Bancanors have a history with magic, both cooking and carpentry, which is why magic-sniffers were called in twice to test the twins[2].



Bancanor may be a kind of play on words. BANC - French for bank , and then ORE (gold) "Bancanor" may literally show the family's profession.

Notes and references

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