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House Balitang
Year ennobled
Enthroned 463 HE
Noble book
Rank Royalty—Nobility
Subsidiary titles
Head of house Dovasary Balitang
Heir apparent
Notable members
Inheritance Female-preference primogeniture[1]
Status Extant
Notable events Raka rebellion
Luarin Conquest
Nationality Copper Isles
Residence Balitang House, Rajmuat
Landholdings Tanair
Cadet branches
Related families House Haiming
Temaida family
House Rittevon
Loyalty Raka conspiracy
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe family
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Trickster's Choice
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance Tortall and Other Lands: A Collection of Tales
Only Appearance '
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The Balitang family (pronounced BAHL-ee-tahng) is the royal family of the Copper Isles, and was elevated to royal status with the ascension of the current head of the family, Queen Dovasary Balitang. Prior to that, the Balitang family was a powerful ducal house, with blood ties to the previous ruling dynasty, House Rittevon. Before the birth of Saraiyu Balitang, the family was full-blooded luarin, or white.

Family history

The Balitang family was a luarin noble family until Mequen's marriage to Sarugani Temaida. The family was incredibly wealthy and powerful and owned many lands and slaves, and employed many servants. The Duke Balitang who was Mequen's father probably married a Rittevon princess, making him the uncle of Oron Rittevon and his son, Mequen, the first cousin of King Oron. This placed Mequen very close to the Rittevon royal family, however because King Oron had many children from his three wives, Mequen was far down in the line of succession.

Mequen married Sarugani Temaida, a raka noblewoman and descendant of the Haiming Dynasty. Part of her dowry was Tanair on Lombyn Island, a modest fortress. He had two daughters by her, Saraiyu Balitang and Dovasary Balitang. Sarugani died of a horseriding accident. Mequen remarried Winnamine Fonfala.

By 462 HE, things were starting to change. King Oron survived all but three of his children, Mequen's first cousins once removed: Hazarin, Imajane, and Dunevon. When King Oron died, his heir Hazarin was childless and barren, leaving only Dunevon—Imajane would not be able to inherit, being a woman. Thus that placed Mequen after Dunevon, then Elsren after Mequen in the line of succession.

In 462, King Oron began to have nightmares about the Balitang family betraying him. His good favor toward them turned sour and he forced the family into exile instead of executing them. He also forced them to pay much of their fortune in order to appease him. The Balitang family was then impoverished and living at Tanair.

In 463 HE, the Balitang family was pardoned from their exile and suspected treason by the new regents, Princess Imajane and Prince Rubinyan. The family returned to Rajmuat.

  • The raka conspiracy began to rise in power. The regents are forced to buy the Balitangs' favor with royal favor, as the Balitang family have garnered more power in exile due to support from other luarin noble houses.
  • The regents assassinated King Dunevon and Duke Elsren, making Imajane the remaining heir.

At the end of 463, the Raka rebellion occurred, placing Dovasary Balitang on the throne. The Balitang family are then at the head of the social structure of the Copper Isles. The matriarch would be Dove, as Queen of the Copper Isles.


The elder Balitang daughters, Saraiyu and Dovasary are "twice-royal" with both the luarin Rittevon blood and the raka Haiming blood. Dovasary ended a cruel dynasty by becoming queen and establishing peace and freedom in the Isles.

Known Members

The Balitang Dynasty

Upon Queen Dovasary's ascension, a new dynasty came about, called the Balitang Dynasty. Known rulers of this dynasty include:

Notes and references

  1. Upon ascension, the royal family adopted the female-preference primogeniture that was used by the Haiming Dynasty. Prior to ascension, it was based on agnatic primogeniture.

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