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The Badger is the male badger (who apparently doesn't care to have a name) god. His mate is Mother Brock, the female badger god. Together they have authority over and responsibility to all of the badgers in the Eastern Lands and elsewhere.

The Badger is on friendly terms with the gods Weiryn, The Green Lady, Broad Foot, and Queenclaw. He is a guardian and mentor to Veralidaine Sarrasri.


Like all gods, the Badger possesses immense magical powers. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Self-regeneration and healing (after his first encounter with Daine, he chews off one of his claws and gives it to Daine, and it grows back moments later by reforming from a silver mist[1])
  • Healing, life-giving, and guidance to mortal badgers (he is the Badger God, after all)
  • Bringing Daine Sarrasri to a section of the Immortal Realms in her dreams, as well as visiting her in her dreams.
  • Delivering god-power to Daine and assumably other mortals if he wishes it and particularly if he is ordered to do so by higher-ranking gods like he did when Daine was used by the Graveyard Hag as a tool to bring Ozorne to his senses (he gives her the Graveyard Hag's power to animate dead bodies)[2]
  • Mind-speaking and vocal communication with mortals

The Badger and Daine

The Badger looks after Daine and guides her, having promised her father, Weiryn, that he would look after her in the Mortal Realms. He gives her one of his silver claws as a talisman.

He gives her lessons on her magic and offers advice (whether she wants it or not) on the scrapes she gets herself into. They have an affectionate relationship, though Daine occasionally needs a reminder that the Badger is a god, and should be listened to.

During the Immortals War in 452 HE, Daine and Numair convince the Badger and Broad Foot to interfere and help defend the Mortal Realms.

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