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Azaze Yopali is the headwoman of Moharrin village on the Battle Islands.[1] Besides being headwoman Azaze also owns an inn and nobody staying at her place goes hungry. Her inn is also a place for people to meet.[2]

Headwoman Azaze is very stern, and Evvy wonders why she was not born as a Queen, for that seems to be a better title for her than just merely "Headwoman". She runs the town with a strict hand, but is also fair and wise.

Azaze is quite tall. She has black eyes and brows, although her hair is henna-red and pinned up in a knot. She wears plain clothes, but comments on her looks that a emperor with all his silk couldn't look more regal than Azaze in her cotton dress.[3]

Her first and so far only appearance is in Melting Stones. She is a minor character in the plot, however is still crucial to the setting. Though the story is actually about Evvy, the town that she, Rosethorn, Myrrhtide and Luvo visit is in a fatal position, as it is set next to an ancient volcano --Mount Grace-- that is ready to erupt.

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