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Aymery Glassfire
Reigning Monarch
Biographical Information
Honorific Master (mage)
Born c.1013 KF
Died 1035 KF (killed by pirates)
Nationality Capchenite
Magical Information
Magic Academic magic
Institution University of Lightsbridge
Accreditation Mastery credential (claimed to be almost done with it, likely a lie)
Mages' medallion
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Family Information
Parents Unnamed Parents
Adoptive Parents
Siblings two brothers, two sisters
Adoptive Children
Other Family Trisana Chandler (cousin)
Uraelle Chandler (aunt)
Valden Chandler (uncle)
Darra Chandler (aunt)
Murris and Emmine Chandler (uncle and aunt)
Patron God
Rank Merchant
Residence Karang (for education)
Occupation Pirate
Affiliation Enahar
House Chandler
Law Enforcement of
Guard District
Guard Badge
Bibliographical Information
Circle Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared '
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance Tris's Book
Last Mentioned '

Aymery Glassfire, born Aymery Chandler (pronounced EH-merr-ee CHAND-luhr), was a cousin of Trisana Chandler. He was an academic mage and attended the University of Lightsbridge in Karang. He worked for Pauha, and Enahar, pirate leaders who led an attack on Winding Circle temple in Emelan. He was born in Capchen and was a member of House Chandler, a merchant family, before his death in 1035 KF.


Early life

Aymery was born around the second half of 1013 KF. He had two brothers and two sisters[1]. In his early teens, Aymery spent two years with Uraelle Chandler, a relative of both his and Tris's.

University of Lightsbridge

When Aymery was much younger, a magic tester discovered his academic magic and advised his family to send him to the University of Lightsbridge, suggesting that he was powerful and prodigal enough for the university[2]. His parents were incredibly proud of him, and hoped that he would bring money into the family through his work as a mage[1].

Although he visited quite often when he was in university at first, after a while the visits stopped in 1033 KF[2]. Upon received his mage's credentials from Lightsbridge, he took the mage name "Glassfire". He continued his studies to pursue his master's credentials from Lightsbridge[2]. Aymery was an excessive gambler, and got himself into quite a bit of debt. Enahar gave him a loan to pay off his debts. Enahar demanded that Aymery aid the work of him and his sister in order to attack Winding Circle. To ensure Aymery's loyalty, Enahar bound the mage to himself by spelling an earring and sealing it with both of their blood. Through their magical bond, Enahar would have the power to kill Aymery whenever he believes Aymery to have betrayed him[3].

Work at Winding Circle

When he traveled to Winding Circle, he claimed to need to use the library for his studies[2], but in truth he was spying for the pirate fleet. He also caused damage by destroying the crystals, mirrors, and water bowls, so that it would be impossible to scry and see the pirate fleet coming[4].

He became reacquainted with his cousin Tris, a ten year old who was studying under the famed mage Niklaren Goldeye. Aymery recognized her as the daughter of Valden and Darra Chandler. After he delivered his letter to Niko from Adelghani Smokewind[5], Aymery tried to convince Tris to return to Capchen as he claimed that Valden was deathly ill. Tris recounted the fact that Valden had sent her away saying that he never wished to see her again.

Aymery showed awe and shock at Tris and her foster siblings Sandry, Daja and Briar Moss when they were able to break into Rosethorn's pattern magic.

After nearby villages were evacuated and the inhabitants brought to the Winding Circle dormitories, Aymery as offered Sandry's room at Discipline. Although Briar liked the man, he also mistrusted him, and searched Aymery's belongings one evening. He discovered that the mage had brought far too few clothes for a stay of many weeks, and that Aymery's belongings were too expensive to belong to a poor student[6].

Aymery was killed by the pirates he worked for, as Enahar thought of him as a weak link[7].

Physical description

Aymery is described as a handsome young man with brown hair and eyes. He has a long and arched nose; his mouth and chin are determined. He has a good sense in fashion and knows how to dress.[8] He wears an earring, which carries magic.[2] This earring also connects him to Enahar. Tris remembers that at the time of the pirates attack he is "nearly 22 years old."[9]

Personality and traits

Tris remembers him as the one family member who was kind to her. Even in his betrayal of the temple he tried to save her from the attack by making up a story about her father so she would go back to Capchen and escape the carnage. When she refused and then realized his true intentions he still promised to protect her[10].

Skills and abilities

"There was magic in Aymery, sure enough, a shift and glimmer of pale light twined around his core, as well as a bright spot on his earring. Aymery's magic was a pale moonglow, almost blotted out by the suns that blazed in Lark, Rosethorn, and Niko."
—Tris, noticing her cousins's inner magic[src]

Aymery possesses academic magic and studied at the University of Lightsbridge. He has specialized on illusion-magic, but couldn't even use his own spells to protect his belongings but put bought ones on them[11]. Aymery is also known to have used invisibility spells.

Although he studied at Lightsbridge his powers as a mage seem to be much smaller than those of Niko, Lark or Rosethorn, who blaze like suns in Tris's magical vision, while Aymery just looks like a pale moonglow[2].


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