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Avinar of Mindelan (pronounced MIHN-duh-lahn) was the youngest son and second-to-last child of Piers and Ilane of Mindelan, only Keladry is younger. He was a scholar and teacher at the City of the Gods.[1] He studied in the City of the Gods while Kel was training for knighthood. Avinar also spent some time in Carthak, although probably not much.[2] Considering that he was born some time between his next oldest sister Oranie and Kel, his year of birth can tentatively estimated to be around 440 HE, give or take a year.

He never appeared in any of the novels but has only been mentioned by Tamora Pierce on the internet. While on Progress, it was revealed that Kel had a brother studying at the royal university, and since all three of her older brothers were knights, it is likely that the mentioned brother was Avinar.[3]

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