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The Ashmiller children are two girls and a younger boy, who is still a toddler in 246 HE. They live with their parents, Orva and Jack Ashmiller, in the Lower City of Corus. Even the children are beaten by their mother until Orva is arrested in early April of 246 HE by Rebakah Cooper. The younger girl has a scar in her face to show for the beatings[1].

After their mother is arrested their father tries desperately to find new work. He is eventually hired for a digging job and although he tells his children that he would be home with the rent money their landlord throws them out when Jack doesn't return for three days and the rent is still not paid. They begin to beg and meet Rebakah Cooper again, whom especially the younger girl holds responsible for their family's fate. Beka takes them in and lets them live at her rooms until their missing father is found.

So far they only appear in Terrier, where they are of importance to the plot, although they are minor characters.

Notes and References

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