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A series of arson attacks devastated Kugisko, Namorn in 1039 KF. The perpetrator was the serial arsonist Bennat Ladradun, who was later apprehended and executed by burning for his crimes after killing 150 people and injuring even more[1]. He was executed at the site of his second greatest crime: Asinding Bathhouse.

Arson attacks
General Information
Place of occurrence Kugisko, Namorn
Beginning date
Date of completion
Length of event
Notable fighters
Weapons used
Notable fighters
Weapons used
Crime Information
Perpetrator(s) Bennat Ladradun
Investigators Heluda Salt (official)
Daja Kisubo (aided, unofficial)
Victims 150 people killed, many injured
Weapons used
Captured by Daja Kisubo
Sentence Death by burning
Illness informtation
Caused by
Researched by
Bibliographical information
Circle Universe event
Event in Cold Fire


Ladradun was very knowledgeable about fire and used this knowledge in order to set killer fires. He used boom dust in several of his attacks, and natural substances that were very flammable, like oils in the confectioner's shop and Yorgiry's Hospital.

1. Confectioner's shop — Ladradun used this attack to convince the city's councils to give more funding to his Fire Brigade.

2. Jossaryk House — Ladradun set this fire as revenge against Romachko Skuretty for denying him funding. Twelve were killed in the fire, including Olaksan Jossaryk and a few infants.[2]

3. Asinding Bathhouse — site of Ladradun's second greatest crime. Where Ladradun's execution took place.

4. Ladradun House on Kadasep Island — Ladradun killed his mother, then set fire to his own house. The attack almost killed Daja Kisubo and Niamara Bancanor, who were both in the house at the time and barely escaped alive. Ladradun made it seem like he was fleeing the city while really he was planning his most devastating attack yet.[3]

5. Yorgiry's Hospital — the site of Ladradun's greatest crime. In Namornese law an arsonist is usually executed where he caused the most damage and deaths but hospital officials refused to have an execution on the hospital grounds as Yorgiry is the goddess of healing, and merciful death.[4]


Ladradun's obsession with fire stemmed from the deaths of his wife and children, all who died in a house fire that could have been prevented. After learning about fire from Pawel Godsforge, Ladradun returned to create the city's first Fire Brigade. The Fire Brigade was made up of volunteers whom Ladradun trained in the fighting of fires. He ran into trouble when it came to funding, as the city became complacent now that the Fire Brigade was saving so many people and buildings. In order to prove the Fire Brigade needed more financial support, Ladradun set a fire in the confectioner's shop, where ingredients caused even more blasts.

Each of his attacks—in his own words—have been to show the city that fire must be taken seriously.


The investigation was headed by Heluda Salt, a magistrate's mage. After examining the Asinding Bathhouse site after the attack, she found traces of Daja Kisubo's magic from the living metal gloves Daja made for Ladradun. She realized it was Ladradun almost immediately after talking with Daja.

Although Ladradun knew quite a bit about fire, he was not very good at leaving no traces. Dedicate Frostpine knew the first fire was set upon his examination, and Salt was able to figure out who the exact culprit was through magic.

Capture and execution

Ladradun was apprehended by Daja Kisubo, who found him using her magic. Ladradun was tried in a court of law and sentenced to death by burning. Although officials wanted to have his execution at Yorgiry's Hospital, the hospital refused. Instead, the execution was carried out at Asinding Bathhouse[1].

The execution would have been far more painful if mages like Daja, Frostpine, and Olennika Potcracker didn't help immolate him so he felt less pain. Heluda Salt talked the magistrate out of taking action against them[1].

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