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Arrow was one of the sparrows who followed and aided Keladry of Mindelan, and belonged to a large flock mostly based in the Tortallan royal palace near the pages' wing. The flock split when Kel became a squire so that some of the sparrows could help her—they did this knowingly. He was dubbed Arrow because of the black bib on his chest that was shaped like an arrow.[1]


The Griffin

Arrow was the sparrow that was cornered by the baby griffin that Kel was taking care of. Arrow's wing was brutally injured but was healed by Veralidaine Sarrasri, who was in the area.[1]

Scanran War

Arrow accompanied Kel deep into Scanra to rescue her kidnapped refugees. He often did little reconnaissance missions with Duck, another sparrow. They also helped in combat situations by telling Kel when the enemy was close enough.[2]


Arrow appears in both Squire, and Lady Knight.

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