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Arnen (pronounced AHR-nehn) is an ambient carpentry mage based in Kugisko, Namorn. He began as an apprentice and later, journeyman, to Camoc Oakborn.

In 1039 KF, Niamara Bancanor is taken on as a student to Camoc Oakborn. As the established mage is quite busy, he gives her studies over to Arnen. He is a good teacher for Nia, as they are both quiet. After Bennat Ladradun was caught and burned at the stake for his crimes as an arsonist, both Arnen and Nia help to rebuild Yorgiry's Hospital - one of the sites that Ladradun burned to the ground. When Daja Kisubo and her teacher, Dedicate Frostpine, leave Kugisko, Arnen takes over Nia's meditation lessons for good.

Later on, Arnen ends his status as journeyman to Camoc Oakborn, and becomes an accredited carpentry mage in Kugisko. He sets off on his own, with Nia as his apprentice.

Arnen only appears in Cold Fire.


Arnen is a young man of medium height. He is bespectacled with neatly trimmed brown hair and beard. He also wears a gold earring.

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