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Three Rivers Province map

Map of Three Rivers Province from Mastiff

Arenaver is a city in Tortall. It is located within the Three Rivers Province, and is along the River Tellerun and the Halseander River. Arenaver is close to Fief Queensgrace—changed into Princehold[1].


Silver Mine

An abandoned silver mine was situated near there and that was the mine where the silver for the counterfeiting of 247 HE came from. Hansevor Remy came from this region. He, Steen Bolter and some other caravan guards brought the silver mined there to Port Caynn, where it was turned into false coins. For collecting the silver Hanse even risked losing Master Dendall as customer, who wanted Hanse's guards for a job to Port Legann at the same time.[2]

The Three Rivers Hunt

Arenaver was the landing point for Sabine of Macayhill, Rebakah Cooper, Matthias Tunstall, and Farmer Cape after their journey along the river from Corus[3].

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