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Ankoret Obeliten (pronounced ann-KORE-eht oh-BELL-ih-tehn), known more formally as Lady Ankoret was a member of the luarin nobility of the Copper Isles and the Obeliten family, a rich noble house. She was around the same age as Nuritin Balitang, the great-aunt of Lady Saraiyu and Lady Dovasary.

In the Robing Pavilion of the Grey Palace while the noblewomen of the court were getting dressed for the evening's events during the lunar eclipse, a footman brought news of a slave revolt on Imahyn Island on a noble family's estates. While the white noblewomen were wondering why the raka were behaving so, Lady Ankoret explained that it was wild raka and not those reared close to the lord's family. Saraiyu Balitang corrected Lady Ankoret, saying that there were cruel owners as well as overseers and that she doesn't understand why they could treat their people so. Lady Nuritin admonished Sarai, saying that she had no respect for elders and to apologize to Lady Ankoret.

Later, after Princess Imajane assured the noblewomen that the revolt was only minor, she honored both Nuritin and Lady Ankoret by asking for them to walk beside her.


Lady Ankoret only appeared as a minor character in Trickster's Queen, though members of her family are mentioned quite often.

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