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Aniki Forfrysning
Biographical Information
Born c. 227/228 HE
Nationality Tortallan (naturalized)
Scanran (by birth)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height Tall
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Family Information
Lover Rosto the Piper
Other Family
Animals Laddybuck (kitten)
Rank Commoner
Rogue Position District Chief (under Rosto)
Residence Nipcopper Close
District Waterfront
Affiliation Court of the Rogue
Rebakah Cooper
Bibliographical Information
Tortallan Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared Terrier
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance Bloodhound
Only Appearance '
Last Mentioned '

Aniki Forfrysning (b. ca. 227/228 HE) accompanied Rosto and Kora to Tortall from Scanra, presumably to see if they could make a place for themselves in the Court of the Rogue. It's implied in the book that she, Kora and Rosto were a threesome, but Kora paired up with Ersken Westover and the status of Aniki and Rosto's relationship is unknown.


Aniki, originally Scanran, comes to Corus together with Kora and Rosto in late March of 246 HE. Their reasons for this might have been that they wanted to raise in the Court of the Rogue of Corus and that live in Tortall was more comfortable than in Scanra, where people were short on food.[1] Obviously they didn't live long in any place for quite a while before they arrive at Corus[2]. All three of them move into the same lodging house as Rebakah Cooper; Aniki occupies rooms on the same landing as Beka's.

She quickly forms ties with the local Court of the Rogue, hiring on with Dawull[3], the Rogue's chief of Waterfront District, shortly after their arrival. She doesn't need long to get promoted by Dawull from an extra sword to his personal guard and Beka suspects that this promotion might have been achieved by killing someone or even several persons[4]. However, she quits Dawull a month after she joined his men, on May 9, 246 HE, when he tries to command her and some of his other people to attack the Rogue, instead of challenging and fighting Deerborn himself.[5]

By September of 247 HE and perhaps already sooner, most probably since Rosto became the Rogue, she is a chieftain with him. In September of 247 HE she also acquired a new sword, of which she was "amazingly proud"[6].

Personality and traits

Aniki is protective of her friends and hates child-killers, as evidenced by the fact that she willingly helps Beka Cooper and her Dogs with a stakeout and information gathering. She doesn't like slaves, especially child slaves, either.[1] There may be a deeper reason for her dislike, but it is unknown.

She thinks little of leaders who care more about money and his or her throne, rather than caring for the people that he or she lead. This is evidenced in how she and her companions dislike Kayfer Deerborn in his treatment of the people who he is sworn to care for.

"We've been on the road too long. I'd like to settle here and have a cat. Maybe I'll steal this one."
—Aniki refering to Pounce the morning she moved into Beka's lodging house[src]

She also has a particular soft spot for cats, picking up Pounce and swinging him around pretty much every time she sees him. In early May of 246 HE, Pounce gives her a kitten of her own—presumably to keep her from manhandling him. The kitten is black with a white bib and white socks. She names him "Laddybuck". Before, Laddybuck has been a street kitten.[7]

Physical description

Aniki is tall and blond. Beka describes her as being bigger than herself (or Koramin Ingensra), who is five feet eight inches (5'8") tall. She is normally wearing men's clothes and a sword.[8] Aniki's eyes are blue[9].

Skills and abilities

She's a skilled swordswoman; according to Pierce, she had to remove a section of the book where Aniki and Lady Sabine discuss armories and swords. The conversation was prompted by Lady Sabine hearing Aniki draw her weapon and guessing the make of the sword based on the sound.


Aniki appears in Terrier and Bloodhound, although she plays a much bigger part in the first novel. She does not appear in Mastiff, the final installment of the Provost's Dog trilogy.


Forfrysning means "frostbite" in Danish which is a Scandinavian country. Scandinavia and Scanra are so similar it can hardly be coincidental.


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