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Anglesea was a guardsman in Port Caynn in the third century of the Human Era. He has been a cage Dog for nearly his whole service as a Dog[1]. By September of 247 HE he worked at Tradesmen's kennel where he was partnered with Shales. As a cage Dog his area of work was interogation. His head and chest were shaved to prevent any prisoner from grabbing at his hair and during work he only wore a loincloth. Anglesea had duty the night Durant Elkes was questioned for having been found with false coins. Like most other cage Dogs he didn't like street Dogs.[2] Anglesea seemed to have been more loyal to Pearl Skinner than to this fellow Dogs, because he intended to report Nestor Haryse's questioning Durant Elkes to the Rogue[3].

He only appears as a minor character in Bloodhound.

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