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Ambros fer Landreg
Cleham fer Landreg
Count of Landreg
Start of Reign
Coronation Date
End of Reign
Tenure Mead Moon, 1043 — present
Regency Council
Predecessor Sandrilene fa Toren
Saghad fer Landreg
Lord Landreg
Style '
Tenure Birth — 1043 KF
Reigning Monarch
Biographical Information
Nationality Namornese
Magical Information
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6 ft. [1]
Hair Gold
Eyes Blue
Family Information
Noble House
Adoptive Parents
Wife Ealaga fa Landreg
Children Four Daughters
Adoptive Children
Other Family Sandrilene fa Toren (cousin)
Amiliane fa Landreg (cousin)
Patron God
Rank Nobility; count
Residence Landreg estates
Occupation Steward of Landreg (former)
Affiliation House Landreg
Bibliographical Information
Circle Universe character
First Mentioned '
Only Mentioned '
First Appeared '
Last Appeared '
Latest Appearance '
Only Appearance The Will of the Empress
Last Mentioned '

Ambros fer Landreg is a Namornese nobleman and the current head of House Landreg. He is a cousin of Sandrilene fa Toren and succeeded her as countess when she signed her lands over to him. He was her steward while Sandry was out of the country and pursuing an education in thread magic.


Early life

Ambros was part of the cadet Landreg branch and was not a part of the main bloodline. He did live on or visit the main lands, however, as he said he climbed in one of the apple trees on the estate. It is unknown when he married Ealaga fa Landreg, but has four daughters between the ages of five and twelve.

Steward of Landreg

He was first steward for his cousin Amiliane fa Landreg, Sandry's mother. He was extraordinarily good at being steward and never shorted the countess. She visited once with her daughter when the girl was quite young. Presumably Ambros was aware that Amiliane cared little for the people she ruled or her lands. He had very strict instructions for the amount of money he had to send to his liege lady while she was abroad with her husband and daughter. Although the exact sum is unknown, it was probably quite large.

In 1039 KF, when the lands passed to Sandry as a result to the death of Clehame Amiliane, Ambros continued his work as steward of Landreg. Because of Sandry's education, she was not obligated to return to Namorn.

Once Sandry received her mages medallion, things changed. Berenene dor Ocmore, Empress of Namorn and kinswoman of Sandry, wanted the Landreg moneybags to remain in her country. Berenene began by heavily taxing Landreg in order to force Ambros to request Sandry's immediate return to Namorn. This is because only the head of the family and the main landowner can appeal a tax in Namorn. This was one of the many ways that Namornese rulers controlled their subjects. Although Ambros never told his cousin directly, he placed little hints of the taxes in his reports, hoping his cousin would realize.

This placed him and his family in a difficult situation. He was forced to go to the moneylenders in order to pay the taxes and send his cousin money. Sandry noted later that if she had paid more attention to Ambros's accounts, then she would have realized. When she found out about how difficult Landreg's financial situation had become, she rebuked Ambros, who responded that he did not know her well enough to ask for money, and, if there are suspicions that he shorted her out of her due fortune, his thieving hand would be cut off and his lands and titles confiscated.

When Sandry arrived in Namorn with her foster-brother and sisters, Ambros welcomed her at the family's townhouse in Dancruan, the capital. He was late and apologetic and arrived after everyone was asleep. He met Briar Moss first, and the two men joked around in the kitchen over Ambros's meal before Sandry arrived to greet him. It seemed, like many of the Namornese, that he expected Sandry to remain in Namorn and not shirk her duty to her people. When he found out that she meant to return to Emelan, he was surprised and told her about the empress and her plan to get Sandry to remain in the country. When Sandry didn't seem worried about upsetting her imperial relative, Ambros tried to warn her that the empress was very strong willed.

At the beginning of his cousin's stay in Namorn, he is wary of her. However, once he sees that she truly cares about the people and her lands, he forms a friendship with her.

Count of Landreg

After defeating Ishabal Ladyhammer and a slew of other powerful imperial mages, Sandry signed her lands and title over to Ambros on either the 11th or 12th day of Mead Moon in 1043 KF. This effectively made Ambros the Count of Landreg with all the rights pertaining to that title. Sandry did so mostly because her siblings argued her into it, and said that Ambros put a lot more work into Landreg than she did, and that the empress would only do the same thing and this time have more great mages waiting.

Before Ambros left for Landreg after being made a count, he told them that perhaps it was high time that the bride kidnapping custom be banned in Namorn. This would now be something he could accomplish as a very wealthy and powerful count. Even the empress, who did not previously like him, would have to treat him with respect now that he had those lands.

As he has four daughters, and no sons. The eldest daughter will be the one who inherits the Clehamat, and is heiress presumptive of the estate.

Physical description

He is six feet tall, with golden hair and Sandry's Landreg eyes. His face shows slight scars from what seems to be pox from his childhood.[1]

Personality and traits

Ambros is meticulous and thorough, and has done great things with the Landreg estates. He is also honorable and a good friend. When Sandry learns of Pershan fer Roth's deception, he acts as a sort of father figure to her, saying that Shan was not worthy of her. On that note, his is also shown as a good and loving father to his four daughters.

He also is very patriotic in a way that was harmful at first, as he believed the bride kidnapping custom to be a close part of Namornese culture. He also scolded Sandry when it sounded like she was accusing all Namornese men of taking part in the custom. Ealaga, his wife, scolded him in return and asked what else is she supposed to do but suspect all men. Her argument made him change his mind and got him thinking very critically of a custom that made women and girls so unsafe in Namorn.


Notes and references

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