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Ambient Magic is a form of magic known only in the Circle Universe. Its closest counterpart of the Tortallan Universe would be wild magic, yet both types work differently than the other and are not quite comparable. Ambient magic is more all encompassing, while wild magic is usually only with animals.


The major quality of ambient magic is that the strength of the power is from the outside world, and not the inside of the mage, like academic magic. Ambient magic doesn't draw on the mage's self-created power like Academic Magic, but from the surroundings and craft items of the mage (e.g. a thread mage will get power from clothing and other woven things). Because of this, ambient mages have difficulty controlling a great deal of power constantly flowing into them, whereas academic mages struggle with building up their power.

Because their power is naturally tied into a craft or aspect of nature, the physical aspects of their craft, such as thread, stones, or even lightning, feel as if they are "alive" to the ambient mage. These physical components are attracted to the ambient mage, and from the descriptions in the books, seem to "talk" to the mage.

Perception from others

Ambient mages are constantly looked down upon by academic mages, who feel that they are more powerful. This leads to an advantage when a powerful ambient mage fights against an academic, as the latter is not expecting any sort of victory for the former. This is seen throughout the Circle of Magic books and later.

It is not as well known as the traditional Academic Magic, and in fact is only one fourth times as common as academic magic.[1] Ambient magic takes different forms depending on the mage and the craft he or she performs––common ones include stone, carpentry, healing, cooking, thread and needlework, pottery, fire, and weather.[1]


The best way an ambient mage learns is through the careful teaching of another, whether that person studied at university or not. As ambient magic has a tendency to break free of the user and cause havoc if not properly controlled, it is imperative that a student find a an accredited teacher. Ambient mages can be accredited through Winding Circle or the University of Lightsbridge. Although no other schools have been mentioned, it is likely that there are others as well. Ambient mages are more suited to Winding Circle, as opposed to the book learning of Lightsbridge, although both institutions accept both academic and ambient students.

Forms of magic

Ambient magic takes different forms depending on the mage and the craft he or she performs—common ones include stone, carpentry, healing, cooking, thread and needlework, pottery, fire, and weather. Ambient glass magic is described as "middling rare." Ambient stone magic is common, as stones make very good containers for power.

  • Thread
    • Abilities - manipulation and enchantment of thread, cloth, making clothing with certain properties (such as water resistant, dirt resistant, etc.)
    • Users - Sandrilene fa Toren, Dedicate Lark, Comas
    • Dedication - Earth
  • Green
    • Abilities - manipulation of plants and products made from them, medicine making and magical improvement of existing (plant-based) medicines
    • Users - Briar Moss, Dedicate Rosethorn, First Dedicate Crane
    • Dedication - Earth (although Crane is an Air Initiate)
  • Smith
    • Abilities - sensing and manipulation of metals, ores, and other materials used in smithing (like coal), resistance to fire and burning metal, resistance to smoke damage to lungs, varying levels of fire manipulation
    • Users - Daja Kisubo, Dedicate Frostpine
    • Dedication - Fire
  • Weather
    • Abilities - stopping or forcing weather (rain, wind, lightning, etc), limited manipulation of greater natural forces (the tides, earthquakes, hurricane force, the heat of lava/magma), hearing and (rarely) seeing current events on the wind — weather-mages tend to lean on the less powerful side.
    • Users - Trisana Chandler (extremely powerful example)
      • Kethlun Warder has lightning magic, but beyond his immunity to it and ability to manipulate it in his glass-making, his levels of skill in other facets of weather magic are unknown. He did create the glass-dragon Chime when his lightning magic started to mix with glass.
      • Zhegorz Fiavrus is a wind-seer and hears voices on the wind, but it is unknown if he possess other weather magic, though it seems unlikely, as it would have caused noticeable disturbances long before.
  • Dance
    • Abilities - uses related dance steps to create a desired effect (luring fish or thieves, invisibility, lifting and holding enemies in midair, etc.)
    • Users - Pasco Acalon
  • Stone
    • Abilities - stone-sensing, ability to communicate with it and move it (generally with the permission of the stone), communication with and temporary protection from volcano spirits (very likely this is only Evvy), bringing light and heat to stones and crystals, identification of non-stone materials similar to stone (pearl, coral, etc.), increasing malleability of stone, self-petrification (a dangerous practice if done on the whole body)
    • Users - Evumeimei Dingzai, Jebilu Stoneslicer
  • Glass
    • Abilities - create unique glass objects with magical abilities (eg. scrying orbs or tracker/warning pellets), identification of glass works without sight through the piece's own knowledge of its form
    • Users - Kethlun Warder
  • Carpentry
  • Cooking
  • Fire
    • Abilities - manipulation of fire, other unknown abilities
    • Users - Pawel Godsforge
  • Painting
    • Abilities: Magic-Sniffing: Frostpine knew one mage who could spell a clear oil so the one being tested would put their hand on the canvas and a picture of their power would appear.
  • Healing
    • Abilities - extending their magic into the bodies of others to fight infection or disease and repair injuries, immunity to disease as long as their power isn't completely expended on others
    • Users - Dedicate Henna, Dedicate Superior Moonstream, Dedicate Grapewell, Dedicate Sealwort, Dedicate Willowwater
    • Dedication - Water
  • Pottery
  • Music
  • Horses
  • Birds
  • Air
  • Water
    • Abilities - aquakinesis, scrying and communication, relationship with aquatic creatures
    • Users - Dedicate Myrrhtide
  • Earth

Combination with Academic Magic

An ambient mage can also use academic magic. However, undiscovered and uncontrolled ambient magic blocks academic magic.[2] Despite this, a trained ambient mage is able to combine the two to a certain extent, though they are more inclined to ambient magic. Tris is one of these mages. The principles of academic magic also apply heavily to ambient magic. The magical properties of materials remain the same (ex: willow is for healing, regardless of whether it is being used in academic or ambient magic) and ambient magic is enhanced when placed in patterns as academic magic would be.


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